CL Consultants Limited

Service Options

  • Geological Wellsite Supervision
  • Geological Wellsite Supervision with Total Gas Detector
  • In-House Consulting

1. Geological Wellsite Supervision Service:

  • Proven CL Geologist/Supervisor
  • Fully computerized Strip Log to meet clients preferences
  • Daily updates of well through email, data hub available
  • Comprehensive evaluation of all potential zones
  • Coring Supervision

2. Geological Supervision with Total Gas Detector:

  • Proven CL Geologist/Supervisor with all features of #1
  • Total Hydrocarbon Detection provided by a Continental Labs remote Gas Detector
  • Strip Log with TG, ROP, Gamma curves plotted to clients preference

3. In-House Consulting Service:

  • Short and long term geological support
  • Remote Geo-steering
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